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Explore New York’s history through its architecture and see what influenced the look of various neighborhoods and how they changed over 400 years. From the time Henry Hudson sailed into New York’s Harbor...


From the days of Sex and the City’s popularity when the Meatpacking District was a bit seedy, to the glitz and glamor of the Hudson Yards has evolved through inspiration, imagination, patience and fortitude. 


The story of Grand Central Terminal is a remarkable architectural wonder for over 100 years.  You’ll hear about the transformation from train depot to train terminal, why two architectural firms had to collaborate to create the building.


Central Park is larger than most people realize, covering 843 acres of man-made landscape.  It’s truly hand-crafted art combing rolling hills, lush lawns, winding footpaths, ornamental trees, seven bodies of water including places to play, picnic and relax.  It’s the fifth most interesting bird watching location in America!

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