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From the time Henry Hudson sailed into New York’s Harbor, the City has been a hub of trade and commerce.  See how New York’s architectural styles changed over 400 years from the Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Romanesque Revival, Italianate, Renaissance Revival, Gothic Revival, “Queen Anne”, Neo-Classic to the modern period we see today.  You’ll love taking a virtual look through the neighborhoods and knowing when these buildings were created and imagining who lived and worked in them.  Hear the stories about what was happening in New York during this time, how some private home became boarding houses, and then back to private houses. See the buildings that have created the iconic wonderland of art and design and the incredible architects who designed them.  We’ll look at the future of New York City through zoning and the needs of the people who work and live side by side in towering skyscrapers and landmarked neighborhoods.  Hear how developers are creating safe environments for their workers to return to office buildings from street to seat after the Covid virus has changed the lifestyle of families, who live and work in confined spaces.  See how the waterfront has been transforming from industrial to recreational neighborhood by neighborhood and how public and private partnerships are creating new destinations...MORE


“Skyscraper National Park”

― Kurt Vonnegut ―

  • Hear how New York grew from a small Dutch settlement to a world-class capital city

  • Learn to identify buildings by their architectural design and building materials

  • Understand how urban planning effects neighborhoods, parks and public transportation systems

  • Discover the importance of balancing historic preservation and creating hot new neighborhoods

  1. These 60-90-minute presentation use over 100 images taking you on a visual journey which makes the Grand Central Terminal complex come to life. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a local New Yorker, gain an insider’s perspective on makes New York so special.  

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