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Save Chelsea Presents The History of Chelsea!

On this 2-hours walking tour, you’ll hear the fascinating stories about the history of Chelsea.  Discover how people live and work in this ever-changing neighborhood.  From country manors and open space, Chelsea residents live in single-family homes, tenements, apartment buildings, NYC Public housing, private subsidized multi-building complexes, to multi-million-dollar glamorous condominiums. For lovers of the Gilded Age, you’ll see the huge emporiums that changed how women socialized by shopping and how these buildings are being used today.  Once gritty industrial factories are now lively commercial and recreational venues, including over 300 art galleries! 

Save Chelsea is offering this History of Chelsea tour to help preserve both the individual buildings that are in jeopardy of demolition and enlarging the current historical district.  You’ll learn about the history of Cushman Row, London Terrace, Penn Station South, NYC Housing Authority, the Chelsea Hotel, the famous Limelight Dance Club, the Ladies Mile Historic District, the High Line elevated park, and the historic Chelsea Market, all while listening to stories of literary, musical, and entrepreneurial greats that have helped shape the area.  Your tour fee includes donating to Save Chelsea’s work to preserve our neighborhood.

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