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New York’s largest sculpture has welcomed both visitors and locals to America since October 28, 1886. 
President Grover Cleveland officially dedicated the Statue of Liberty in front of thousands of spectators. Hear the fascinating story of how the statue was conceived, designed, funded and almost never made it to America.

This is the first of a two-part talk, Welcome to America, Part 1 covering this fascinating history of the Statue of Liberty. Welcome to America Part 2 explores the ever-changing face of immigration from our founding through today...MORE


“It was never built for the comfort
and happiness of its citizens,
but to astonish the world.”

—  Susan Ertz —  

  • Learn about the inspiration for the Statue from concept to reality

  • Hear about the challenges to design and fund the project

  • Discover how the structure was built

  • Find out who maintains this treasure and who pays for what

  • Through Kitt's tips, learn the best way to visit the Statue of Liberty

  1. These 60— 90-minute presentations use over 100 images taking you on a visual journey which makes the City come to life. Whether —it’s your first visit or a local New Yorker, gain an insider’s perspective on makes New York so special. 

  2. Add a visit the site with Kitt Garrett, or one of our partners, or explore the area on your own.

  3. Kitt can provide either a 2-hour walking tour, 4-hour half day or 6-hour full day tour at additional cost.

  4. Use Kitt’s photo stops while you are on location.

  5. Upload your photos into Tripcast.

  6. Download the photos into a book to keep your memories!

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