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We’ll see how New York became such a powerful port and commercial success as the land literally filled in to create the City and changed the harbor. The transformation over 400 years has led to serious considerations in how we deal with climate change, hurricane damage and flooding while creating gorgeous waterfront parks and neighborhoods....MORE


“I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York’s skyline.”

—  Ayn Rand —  

  • Discover how shipping changed New York’s waterfront over 400 years and why it became a world port

  • Hear the stories about who received special grants to add the land, who ran the waterfront, who changed it and why

  • Learn which architects are creating new environments for commercial and residential and apartments

  • Discover the hot new neighborhoods being created along the shoreline

  1. These 60— 90-minute presentations use over 100 images taking you on a visual journey which makes the City come to life. Whether —it’s your first visit or a local New Yorker, gain an insider’s perspective on makes New York so special. 

  2. Add a visit the site with Kitt Garrett, or one of our partners, or explore the area on your own.

  3. Kitt can provide either a 2-hour walking tour, 4-hour half day or 6-hour full day tour at additional cost.

  4. Use Kitt’s photo stops while you are on location.

  5. Upload your photos into Tripcast.

  6. Download the photos into a book to keep your memories!

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